The design is based on modern functionalism, typical to the new Kakumäe urban region, which fits the local ensemble of buildings perfectly. Together, all parts of the building form a coherent unity with their laconic and timeless form, where planning has been based on achieving private dwelling with its own yard and good orientation towards cardinal directions - living rooms, terraces and garden areas are located away from the street.

All windows of the building start from the floor (except the bathroom windows), which provides the rooms with maximum natural light. The facade is given a rhythm with partitioned outer walls, which frames the building and gives it an outstanding and unique design. The sheltered entrances of the units are separated by a grid wall.

Modern, high quality, and durable materials are chosen for the construction of the terraced houses. The property is surrounded by hedges and net fencing from three sides, the yards are separated from each other with a thuja hedge.

Foundation, Walls, Load Bearing Ceilings

The building is built on a strip foundation. The supporting structure of the building is constructed by combining hollow concrete and lightweight concrete blocks. Both the roof and the slab ceiling are made of extruder concrete panels. The beams and trusses are made of reinforced concrete and partially lightweight concrete.

Exterior surfaces are covered with white and gray weatherproof silicone grout in a lightweight system.

Non-load bearing internal walls are built using plasterboard on a soundproof lightweight metal frame.

Floors, Roof, Ceilings

The slab ceilings and the roof ceiling of the building are made of reinforced concrete panels. Soundproof acoustic tiles are installed on the extruder concrete panels of the slab ceilings and concrete flooring is poured over that. The flooring of the ground level is built using a reinforced concrete panel with a thickness of 80mm, under which a 200mm thick EPS insulation board and a moisture barrier is installed on a compressed sand base.

The building has flat roofs with a slope of 1:80 and an average insulation thickness of 400mm EPS Silver. A double-layer SBS roof covering is used for roofing. The building has an internal rainwater drainage system.

Stairs, Terrace, Balconies

The interior staircase of the Delux package is a single beam staircase with massive oak wood steps. The stairs feature full glass railings, fixed to the end of the step. The stairwell on the second floor also features full glass railings in a minimalist aluminum railing profile or in a stainless point-mounted system. The edges of the safety-glass panes are polished and feature safe rounded corners.

The outdoor staircase is of pure cast iron concrete.

The railings of the French balcony are also made of safety glass, point-mounted to the window jamb.

The weight-bearing structure of the exterior terrace is made of impregnated wood, the terrace deck is made of 95 to 120mm wide flattened impregnated wooden panels. The width of the terrace, which is surrounded by a planting box, is approximately 3.4 meters.

Windows and Doors

Triple-paneled wooden aluminum german-type windows are installed to the building. The living room window on the first floor is a tilt and slide window, connecting the living room with the terrace.

Exterior doors are wooden, moisture-proof and well-insulated. Smooth oak veneer doors are planned for the interior. The sliding doors are also planned as smooth veneered doors or built-in sliding doors.


Each property has a sauna with a glass wall on the second floor. All the saunas have a platform-like bench, a showy electric heater, a juniper panel, and LED lightning inside the backrest and under the edge of the bench. The wooden lining of the sauna is made of aspen or alder boards.


Either a condensing gas boiler or a more economical air-water heat pump can be chosen for the heating system. Water underfloor heating is used as the heat carrier, which can be electronically controlled on a room basis using the wall-mounted thermostat in each room. Underfloor heating is the best option, ensuring comfortable room temperature and greater energy efficiency.

The fourth terraced house has the best possible heating solution, a highly efficient geo-thermal heat pump, already included in the price of the basic package. For the terraced houses, fireplaces are planned (the fireplace itself is not included), for which 200mm Vilpra modular chimneys with roof outlets are installed under the ceiling of the first floor. At the initial stage of construction, the customer can change the location of the fireplace if necessary.


For each unit of the building, a mechanical autonomous heat-insulated supply-exhaust ventilation system with a complete ventilation unit is planned, this also prevents external noise from reaching inside the living quarters. The ventilation is controlled and adjusted using the control panel on the hallway wall.

The exhaust hood system of the kitchen is solved by the installation of a duct above the stove. 
Since the design of the hood must match the interior of the kitchen, the equipment for the exhaust hood system (the hood, grease filters) are not included in the sale price.

Water Supply and Sewerage

Water consumption of the building is measured separately for each unit. Water meters with separate filters are installed in the technology room of each unit. Warm water is supplied through a gas boiler or heat pump system. The waste water from the building is drained into an existing central drainage pipeline. Rain water from the roof and drained water from the surrounding area is collected and directed into the existing rainwater drainage.

The installed sanitary equipment can be chosen according to the interior finishing package (quality brands like Villeroy & Boch, Balteco, Rak, etc.). The shower is separated by a glass wall, the bath is built-in with a tiled front side.

Low Voltage Electrical System Installation

For each unit, a separate switchboard is installed in the hallway or in the technology room. Electric meters are remotely readable and located in the fuse box on the street. At least three sockets are installed in the rooms, the positions of which consider the functional layout of the furniture. Bathrooms, toilets and plasterboard ceilings in the hallway are equipped with recessed lighting. Socket outlet line is described in the interior decoration section.

The terraced house will be equipped with data communication systems and alarm systems (cabling for 1st and 2nd floor keyboards) and TV system readiness. The terraced house has a central phono system to open the gate. For the use of television and communication services, the new owner of each unit must sign a contract with the service provider Telia and install the necessary equipment.